Container Deposit Scheme

Nina Springle's legislation to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme to Victoria

The Greens have introduced a private member’s bill into the Victorian Parliament that would establish a container deposit scheme for Victoria.

Drink containers are the biggest contributors to rubbish in Australia (by volume). Clean Up Australia Day rubbish reports have consistently found that drink bottles and cans dominate the top ten items littered across Australia. In Victoria, the proportion of drinks containers (of all litter) is higher than the national average, and more than double the proportion in South Australia, where a container deposit scheme has existed for decades.

Research shows that container deposit schemes are highly effective in increasing recycling rates, reducing litter, and complementing kerbside recycling programs. These schemes exist in more than 40 jurisdictions (states, districts) in more than 20 countries around the world. And they’re sustainable; globally, these schemes have operated for an average of 28 years.

We’ve developed a briefing on the bill and a diagram showing how the scheme would work. Our briefing paper outlines the problem this Bill aims to address and explains how the scheme would work in practice. The mechanisms and legal requirements of the proposed scheme are contained in the Environment Protection Amendment (Container Deposit Bill) 2018 and the accompanying explanatory memorandum.

Our public consultation on the Bill has now closed and we’re in the process of reviewing submissions. We’ll be using your feedback to improve our proposal and to demonstrate the huge level of public support for a container deposit scheme in Victoria. Thanks to everyone who participated in the consultation, and stay tuned for results in April.


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