Our Response

Thank you for all your amazing feedback

Who Responded

Who responded
  • Over 500 Victorians gave us feedback on our Draft Bill
  • Of those 474 people and community groups support the Bill without amendement
  • 497 people and community groups say tackling the issue is important

“Thanks for introducing this legislation – I think it is vital. I collect my plastic bags and packaging and take them back to the supermarket, but it is a total pain.” – Susanne


“Most distressing to see the amount of plastic washed up on our local beach and down at Sandy Point where it is usually entwined with fishing nets and Shore Birds.” – Janice


This legislation will be a very step forward in combating pollution and to save our beautiful waters and sea creatures from the dangers of plastics.  It will also help change consumer behaviour and raise further awareness to look after the environment. – Ann

We really need to stop our reliance on single use plastics. They’re so destructive and their purpose is so easily met in more sustainable ways. – Hope

For too long, consumers and retailers have been too complacent about the liberal use of plastic bags and unnecessary packaging. I urge the Parliament to take action to wake up consumers, large companies and retailers to their responsibilities in protecting the environment. We need to say and act: ‘no plastic, no useless packaging, no rubbish into our creeks, rivers or oceans’.  – Jenny

Our Response

Why isn't an education campaign in the Bill?

Unfortunately in Victoria you cannot introduce a private members bill into the Upper House that spends money. Such a law would be unconstitutional. This means our Bill cannot mandate an educational campaign alongside banning plastic bags.

However, we whole heartedly support an education campaign. We are calling on the Government to introduce one in our open letter

Why doesn't the Bill introduce Container Deposit Legislation ?

The Greens have been leaders on container deposits in Victoria. We have twice introduced legislation to create a cash for containers scheme and the old parties have twice knocked it back. We will continue to fight for a container deposit scheme so watch this space!

Why does the bill give the power to exempt bags to the Minister?

A number of submissions suggested that other groups might be more appropriate people to determine any exemptions to prohibited plastic bags. However, we believe the Minister is the person best placed to do it. The Minister is both responsible to the people and the Parliament for the decisions they make. Also, the Upper House (which the Government rarely controls) is able to use a ‘disallowance motion’ to veto any ridiculous exemptions which clearly violate best environmental practice.